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The Baghi Qawwal

Abdul Aziz Kunji Markar, best known as Aziz Naza (or Nazan)  (7th May 1938 – 8 October 1992) was an international fame singer. He is particularly remembered for the genre known as Qawwali. Background :- He was born in Mumbai in a prominent Malabari (Kerala) muslim family. His family, having fundamental Muslim faith, did not like music, as music is considered as evil in Islam. But he was so passionate about music so he continued it secretly. Every time he was traced singing by his family members, he was punished badly, but he didn’t give up, and continued his singing career. He lost his father at an early age of 9. After that he joined Orchestra and began to sing the songs of Lata Mangeshkar. After some time he joined the famous Qawwal, “Hame to loot liya mil ke husn walon ne” fame Ismail Azad’s party as a chorus singer. Gradually he got a recognition as an individual qawwal. He signed a contract with The Gramophone Co. Ltd. In 1958. Success:- In 1962 his record “Jiya nahin maana” was re…


A Pakistani lady, who dose not want to disclose her name, says, “ Since the dawn of Abrahamic faith, the women had been seen as the evil temptress, the vile seducer of men, the sobbing myth driving men to their follies and demise. Her menstruation made her unclean and impure, the juices flowing from her vagina are the lures of the devil. She is blamed for fall of man and the trials of humanity”. This statement shows the hidden anger aroused by the injustice and discrimination faced by a woman, who has no courage to speak about the matter, but wants to show her feelings hideously. This is a picture of all the discrimination women are facing since prehistoric era till today. For men, a woman is an object to use as a sex toy when needed, a machine of child birth and a property to possess on, however he believes her to be a wicked thing and a messenger of devil. Actually I would say that it is a gimmick of the man oriented society to keep women under their control. Even they feed these b…

ख़दशात दिल में पलते हैं

ख़दशात दिल में पलते हैं, आँखों में डर भी हैं पत्थर के शहर में कई शीशे के घर भी हैं
बरता है हम ने हस्ब-ए-ज़रुरत हर एक को गुल ही नहीं हैं, हाथ में तीर-ओ-तबर भी हैं
गो बहर-ए-ज़ात में हैं तलातुम हज़ारहा गहराई में उतर जो सको, तो गोहर भी हैं
वाक़िफ़ तो हम हैं ख़ूब तेरे हर कमाल से तेरी जफ़ागरी से मगर बेख़बर भी हैं
बीनाई की हुदूद प् थे हुक्मराँ कभी कुछ रोज़ से वो जलवे तेरे दर ब दर भी हैं
शादाब गुल्सितानों को शायद ख़बर नहीं ऐसी भी कुछ ज़मीनें हैं, जो बेशजर भी हैं
थकने की बाल-ओ-पर को इजाज़त नहीं अभी मेरी निगाह में अभी शम्स-ओ-क़मर भी हैं
"मुमताज़" उन के दिल में भी कुछ शर ज़रूर है पेशानी पर लिखे हुए कुछ बल इधर भी हैं
ख़दशात=अंदेशा, हस्ब-ए-ज़रुरत=ज़रूरत के मुताबिक़, गुल=फूल, तीर-ओ-तबर=तीर और कुल्हाड़ी, गो=हालाँकि, बहर-ए-ज़ात=अस्तित्व का समंदर, तलातुम=तूफ़ान, हज़ारहा